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söndag 28 november 2010

monster being bugged.

I did this piece this last week, fun stuff. this is definetly a whole smörgårdsbord of stuff i like to do, monsters insects and trees. look forward to get this piece finished.

fredag 19 november 2010

half and half

one new project started today and one session to get my head around the alien sleeve we're starting/continuing.
fun stuff but now i'm tired. got some new fun stuff to start next week too, two larger pieces which will be alot of fun.

torsdag 18 november 2010

bio-organic tree-huggers leg.

today i got to tattoo someone with the same name as me, which is always fun.
we did a full calf sleeve with trees, which was even more fun.
we're gonna git some nice coloring done next time in two weeks which will be the most fun.

as usual i managed to get some really crappy photos since i apparently have no idea of how to take pictures, even my client got on my case about my shitty pictures so now i really do have to go to a class and learn some shit.

tisdag 16 november 2010

black n grey

today i got to do some black n grey skull-snake-rose creation of ultimate horror and doom.
had alot of fun with this and it should be finished swiftly as soon as i see this young gentleman again.

måndag 15 november 2010

soccer mom

here's a piece i started today and got really crappy photos of. i'll try to post better ones on his next session in two weeks.

fredag 12 november 2010

monster friday.

today I started a sweet piece with a monster, hope you can make it out, gonna be super fun to do the color for this.

torsdag 11 november 2010

First post!

so, i decided to start a new blog since my last blog was total crap to work with, so here it is! the new and improved xEmilx blog! totally fantastic and awesome in every way!
here to follow are a few new tattoos i started this week. i'm starting a new fun piece tomorrow so hopefully i'll get some nice pics of that too.