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torsdag 24 mars 2011

finished but not all healed.

here's definitely one of my favorite projects in a while. doesn't really show through in the small pics i've posted but if you click the image here you can see it in all it's glory.

hope to get some healed photos later, but this will have to do for now.

tisdag 22 mars 2011

almost there!

so last week i got to work on this beauty, did some background with a graveyard theme.

will be getting the sky and doing some chest action in there soon.

lördag 19 mars 2011

who let the dog out

so today i had a visit from a good friend whom i've known for most of my life.
had a good session on her leg to get this done, still have one more session to tighten in up and put the last touch on it. but i think it looks pretty good so far.

måndag 14 mars 2011

forget me not.

today i dropped off a one shot piece at work. some flowers. drilled it out in about 5 hours.
eternal inks and the cheyenne hawk.

lördag 12 mars 2011

bad to the bone.

so here's some of what i did this week. got lots to do still on both these pieces but i look forward to it.
got a good 6 hours done on the ribs and got most of the background in there, and drilled for four hours on the head of fellow tattooer lars to block in most of the colors on his head. 
will get in there and do some more detailing but wanted a solid ground to work on.

the picture of his head are in a weird angle, which is hard not to get when you take a picture of a head, it's also 4 days old on the picture. will get better photos of this when we finish it within the next month.

fredag 4 mars 2011


so i've been working on a sleeve that i started about 2,5 years ago today. been super fun and hope to get the last session done in a few weeks. 

onsdag 2 mars 2011

here there be monsters!

so here i am working at Don't worry mama in västerås and i'm doing all monsters! everyday!
so today i got to start a sleeve on an old project and we'll be doing a large alien monster that even the men in black would be scared of.

on the sleeve to the right i used a swashdrive and the stigma hyper v2 to do the outlines, first time i've used either of these machines and i must say i was pleasantly surprised, worked the stigma with a 5 liner from lundberg custom supply and the swashdrive with a 14 liner from the same company.
didn't get to do all that many lines with the swashdrive, since most of it is background to the guy at the bottom i used thinner lines for most of it.