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fredag 20 maj 2011

at it again

today i did some neo traditional stuff which i don't do very often, fun stuff though a handgranade on the throat, still more work to go.

also i'm posting a crappy photo of a nice tattoo i did earlier this week of a bird who's afraid of heights.
hope to get healed photos of this tattoo within the next month or so.

tisdag 10 maj 2011

ugglor i mossen.

so today i got to do a few more hours on this piece, i think it's coming along great and hope to get it finished in a month. still some darker colors and some touching in a few blends between the brown and blue to do, but it's gonna be fun!

måndag 2 maj 2011

norrköping. tattoo convention.

this weekend i was attending the tattoo convention in norrköping, sweden.
got to start a super fun piece on the neck here, and got to continue on a few pieces that i've started before and got the final touch on the snail chestpiece.
all in all i'm very happy about the convention and grateful for the clientele i've attracted.
thanx all you guys for showing up with such a positive attitude!